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We are a home based after school tutoring center that serve the Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Pomona, Claremont, Fontana and surrounding areas. We currently offer subjects in mathematics, music, language, and chess!

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We are a small home based tutoring center located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Our current staff roster only consists of me and my wife Kan. However we are always on the look out for new talent. If you have a passion for teaching and want to join our start up after school education service, send your resume to info@gausslearning.com and we'll talk. These empty slots can be your picture!

Our Mission

What we are all about

Our goal is to help you to become a better student. Our school aims to provide a safe, fun and productive after school learning environment that fosters learning and improve self esteem. We understand that every student learns differently and address individual learning needs via differentiated education methods. We work closely with parents and offer constructive feedback to ensure every student's academic success.


Take a look at the different classes we offer

Advanced Mathematics Classes
Mathematics is a language like any other thus the earlier the students are familiar with advanced concepts, the easier it is for students to retain and understand the material. We offer high school mathematics topics to younger students in our advanced mathematics classes using custom content designed for younger students.

Test Preparation
Taking the SAT / ACT / GRE / AP soon? Our test preparation program will help you get the score you desire!

Homework Help
Being behind in a class is nothing to worry about. Our teachers make the most complex mathematics concepts fun and easy to learn. They quickly access student skill gaps and fill them until they are all caught up. Our teachers provide sample problems for any subject, show students how to avoid the most common mistakes, and even give students all the "burn" questions the teachers like to put on exams!

We provide music lessons for all age groups in the valley area. Our staff hold doctorate and masters degrees in music performance / education. Our music studio facility provide a comfortable and trendy environment to learn music. We currently offer violin and piano lessons and will add additional instruments in the future.

Tired of the traditional Chinese schools with large classes and group lessons? Let us give you private one on one language instruction. Contact us!


What the parents say about us

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  • Private
  • Music Lesson
  • Violin, Piano, Viola, Guitar
  • Free 30 minute trial lesson
  • $30 / 30 minutes
  • $55 / 1 hour
  • $1000 / 20 hours
  • 1 on 1
  • Math Tutoring
  • All grade level / subjects
  • Free consulation!
    We need to be a good match for me to be your teacher. Standard rates are below:
  • $35 / 1 hour
  • $300 / 10 hours
  • $500 / 20 hours
  • If you're a hard working student and is financially challenged, ask about our scholarship program
  • Private
  • Chinese Lesson
  • All level
  • Free 30 minute trial lesson
  • $55 / 1 hour
  • $500 / 10 hours
  • $900 / 20 hours

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